Monday, May 12, 2008

Cloths and Collars!

Washcloths/Dishcloths/Whatevercloths - Made for my mom for mother's day. I had fun making them all frilly!

I love these colors. Kinda old fashioned.

This would be nice for a teapot.

This organic cotton is so soft and lovely.

I love picot edging!

In other news, Mr. Biddles got some new collars from this great seller on etsy. They have the coolest fabrics to choose from, are super helpful and make a terrific product. They use the breakaway collars, which is the only kind I will put on Biddles, just to be safe.

They make collars for poochies too!

I sent them pictures of Biddles in one of his new collars, and they put him on their website!!Squeee!!!!

Here he is sporting their "Hottie/SpottieDottie" collar. Very becoming, yes indeedy. Good colors for Mr. Biddles. He is so gosh darn good at accessorizing!!

"mmmm. so happies."

" i like sunnies on my tummies and warm stones on my backsies."

"my new collar is very comfy. see i can still stretchie."