Monday, January 15, 2007

Knitted Baby Hat

here it is, my first hat. i had found some beautiful yarn - "muench big baby spring mix" (spring mix- isnt that a salad?). usually i don't knit with anything but natural fibers, but what mom can be bothered with washing delicate wool items? it is super soft and cushy and will look oh-so-cute on baby!

Donde Esta the snow?

this is turning out to be a very strange winter. if i didn't know it was january, i'd guess it was spring. its actually foggy out today!

yet another photo of bemused cat

yes. i'm sure you all have probably had your fill of cat photos, and especially christmas cat-opening-his-gift photos. i hope you can tolerate just one more so that i may introduce my cat mr. biddles to you.

it feels like christmas was ages ago already!