Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crochet - Maiden Voyage

Mr. Biddles and I have been hard at work. Here it is, my "first-born" crocheted creation. I have been interested in learning how to crochet for quite some time now. There has been a flurry of recent activity on fellow blog sites on this particular craft, and that got our tails moving on it.

"Right" Side:

"Wrong" Side:

(not sure which side I like better.)

I've been accustomed to knitting so what I find the most vexing in crochet is the placement of yarn on the left hand. I am going to be working out the kinks for quite some time, trying to get just the right amount of tension. Other than that, I am predicting that - overall- crochet might indeed be 'easier' than knitting. I certainly found that to be so when weaving in ends, and being able to finish without binding off, which is very nice indeed. Ah- -and the dreaded 'dropped stitch' is not such a worry in crochet.

Action Shots:

The video clips to learn how to crochet have been invaluable to me. I have several "how-to crochet" books and they were all much harder to understand than to see a video clip of the action. There are great lessons at Crafty Daisies, and a search on YouTube brought up quite a selection as well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Latest Japanese Mags

Just a few shots of my latest acquisitions:

First book, Cotton Friend. Summer Edition 2007. 4910136250674.

The form for the little box on the right came with the magazine. I love the little extra's you get with these craft mags.

Pop-up greeting cards.

Great idea.

I love the little bag in lower right corner.

I loooooove this sweet, tiny bag!

More great bag designs.

A wonderful pattern to make cloth flip-flops.

A pattern showing how to turn pants into a cute handbag.

Stitching monogram ideas.

I don't know what these are, but I know I like them.

Next book - Cotton & Paint. 2007, Vol 28. 4910039210676.

A very cool umbrella and bag pattern.

Instructions on how to make this bookcase/shelf unit and the round cloth contatiners.

Smocking directions.

Cute bag.

Pretty curtain pattern. Looks similiar to roman shades but more sheer.

I want to know what she is saying to her kitty! Wait. Is that me and Mr. Biddles?

Another cute bag design.

Some small crochet items.

Cute, cute. These pincushions are too sweet.


Sweet pajama bag.

Plenty of patterns in both books.

Eep! You know I love little purses!

and big purses.

Not sure what these are either, but I also like very much.

More cute bags.

And a very unusual design for a bag. Very simple.

There were a lot of chidren-oriented clothing patterns and crafts (bibs and such) which I am not interested in at this time. Overall, I was more pleased with the previous mags I purchased, but these certainly have enough to offer and I do not feel my money was ill spent. I will lean more towards "Cotton Time" and "Stitch Ideas" in the future though.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I couldn't help it.

I was taking a walk this morning and saw this in one of the shoppe windows. I had to buy it. I could not help it.

I mean, how could I resist such silliness? They look like they're having a good time.

I think kitty's on for a free ride...

... but puppie does not seem to mind!

And they're both wearing shoes!! Squee!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Modesty forbids, well, almost.

A couple nights ago I was knitting in bed. Mr. Biddles was supervising. Unbelievably, my camera was within reach so here he is, in all his ridiculous cuteness. Looking at these pics now, I can't stop giggling.

What a goofball. Oh, Mr. B, I just loves you so much.

Sorry about the messy bed and my very white leg at this bad angle, but I was sure if I moved, that Mr. B would have moved too. He was so comfubuhls! I had to use the flash too, and I dislike the effect, but it was too dark otherwise.

Well, here is the end result of that night's knitfest. A simple dishcloth/washcloth, and a soap "sock". You can see the fresh, unwrapped bar in it. My favorite soaps are from Herbaria and Zum Bars. Wonderful, natural products.

Very pretty cotton yarn. I like how it feels and knits. Mr. Biddles likes how it feels too - in his mouth and between his clawsies.

Now that I am accustomed to DP needles, I am very fond of them.


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mama Hen pillowcase


When i saw this fabric I had to buy a few yards. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but you know when you see a certain fabric, yarn, etc., and you know you just have to buy it even though you have not a clue what it will become.

The pattern seems like it would be at home in the kitchen, but being a poly/cotton blend it is not absorbent. (I tested it.) I thought about maybe a tablecloth, but I wanted to make it as a gift and did not have her table measurements. So, after finding some perfectly complementary orange gingham fabric, I decided to use a yard to make a pillowcase. I can't believe how perfect the gingham matches - you can see there is orange gingham in the chicken pattern itself.

Please pardon the creases/wrinkles.

It says "mother hen and her chicks."

Check out these chicks!! So cute and silly.

I like this one. He's like "i'm cute and i know it."