Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching up


They forecasted 4-6 inches so they were a *little* off. That's okay with me. It is still windy but last night was even windier - howling wind like in the movies. I walked around this morning.

I found a stray cardinal feather (male), and thought wow am I lucky! If i find a stray feather of a wild bird, I save them. Cardinal feathers are rare. Then I saw another feather, and another. I felt sad. I knew the odds and what that meant - surely enough, I found the 'crime scene' close by. (The gray feathers in the pics are the rarely-seen downy feathers underneath a cardinal's fine red plumage.)

My guess is a hawk caught the cardinal. I had a sharp-shinned hawk in my backyard just days ago. Hawks gotta eat too, so I understand, and nature is not prejudicial, but I kinda wish it hadn't caught a cardinal. I have 12 feathers. Thank you mr. cardinal and i hope your death was quick.

I played with Mr. Biddles in the snow this morning for about 15 minutes. He really had fun but then suddenly he looked very unhappy and cold and was very content to come inside. In inclement weather, he prefers birdwatching from his hut.

I have been in a total crafting slump for months, I'm quite sad to say, until yesterday when I picked up my needles again to finish this scarf.