Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mrs. Fitz Crocheted Wristwarmers in Worsted Weight - Pattern Update coming 11/1 plus video tutorial

 I love these.

Wearing them today. Perfect weather for this time of year. So comfy and warm.

Yarn is Malabrigo Worsted
Colors are Pearl and Frank Ochre


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mrs. Fitz Wrist Warmers Bulky Yarn - Variation on the Mini Mitts V 1.0

Needed a break from my knitting - I was getting hand cramps suddenly. I think its the shorter needle tips I've been employing, so in future I'll try longer tips. For now though I need to whip up a couple of quick gifts, so back to crochet. I did a variation of my Mrs. Fitz Mini Mitts (v 1.0). These are the same except there is no thumbhole and I added a decorative scalloped edge. Very easy to make, comfortable to wear, and pretty to look at. 

For the original pattern please see here . Below is where the hand picks up, along with the slight modifications.

Mrs. Fitz Wrist Warmers - Bulky Yarn

(Done with  5.5 mm / US size i hook in Malabrigo Mecha bulky yarn in a gauge of 16-17 sts and 14 rows = 4 inches in arm pattern)


Note: This variation of the mitt includes a cleaner join if you are making your hand a different color than the arm.

With RS facing, turn work ¼ turn clockwise. Ch 1, then work 27 HDC evenly into this edge, turn.

Row 1 (WS) –Attach new color now (cut your arm color, leaving a tail for seaming later), then, not skipping the first stitch (or if you are not changing color, ch 1, then, not skipping the first stitch-) work HDC into the 3rd LIF (loop in front) for 27 sts, turn. (27)

Row 2 (RS) – ch 1, HDC BLO 26, work last HDC as normal, turn (27)

Repeat rows 1 and 2, then row 1 a final time so you end on a WS row. (You can certainly make the hand as long or short as you like, just end on a WS row)

At your last stitch, if you use the same yarn, turn your work and do scalloped edge as such:

(RS) ch1,  3 HDC in that same stitch, sl next st, *3 HDC in next st, sl next st* 

or, if you are attaching new color, turn your work and add new yarn in first stitch, then *3HDC in next stitch, sl next st*

Weave in ends and stitch up seams. 


before seaming

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sneak Peek

Been working on this Outlander-inspired pattern forever now, but taking a break for a bit (sore hands). I'm in lerve with this color.

D'oh! Pocket Jamie photobomb!!!

"hey lass whots this all aboot?"

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 Ok everyone lookie closely. What's wrong with this picture? 

(It's not the thumbhole - After completion i realized i made the hole too big, so i fudged it smaller with a tapestry needle. these are for me - if they were a gift i would have redone it)

Hint: If you were an alien perhaps these would fit just right.

It was clear after I made the second mitt and tried it on, that something was very, very wrong. 

I made 2 right hand mitts! Had a bit of a moan, chastised myself because I was aware the left thumbhole placement directions were different, and had written notes on it and all. It was on the next page, the way it printed, and I just zoned out long enough to sail right past it. Sure I could have worn them that way but the chevron pattern would not be centered on the back of my hand.

There's a time for brainless knitting, but this wasn't one of them! 

Here's how the mitts are supposed to look. I had to frog back the 2nd right hand mitt to the thumbhole and redo it. See how the thumbholes are much more appropriate for the average human person hand phalanges thingies.

"that looks much better, lass" says my pocket jamie. yeah thanks a lot for that. where were ya when i needed ya?

Still working on some Outlander-inspired goodies, but had to take a break and do something a bit easier on the noggin. Designing aint for sissies, I have found!