Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr. Biddles gets a new blankie.

Mr. Biddles? I think it's time we make a new blankie for your window seat. It should be cotton or linen since the weather is starting to warm up, and it should be wide enough to cover the whole seat.

By the way, you look extra squishy today. I must kiss you first and then I'll make your blankie.

I think this looks nice, Mr. B. Do you like this fabric? Cool striped linen. I'll make it double sided of course.

Well? How do you like it? Is it comfy?

Looking sharp! Don't worry, we'll keep your other blankie's for the autumn.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sewing and Social Studies Saturday

I have some "sack cloth"that I"m going to making into kitchen towels. Apparently, years ago, livestock feed bags came covered in cloth similar to this. How cool is that?! My grandmother made dresses for her daughters with sack cloth.

Ok, well, time to start sewing. Mr. Biddles is already helping by making sure the fabric doesn't get away.

Ummm, I need that please, Mr. B.

The first fabric has pretty flowers and leaves. There is some slight discoloration here and there - probably stains from being stored in wooden furniture.

This can either be a towel or a runner for a small piece of furniture. I fringed the two shorter edges.

Here is a towel with a little loop for hanging. I did this one double-sided. Mr. Biddles has to take a nap to recover from sheer sewing exhaustion.

Close-up of some serious feline napping action.

The second fabric is very cute too. I like the colors.

I like the house.

I like the windmill.

Then I noticed something. The girls are doing all the work! What's the guy doing....

...smoking a pipe and hanging out with the duck. Sheesh.

Here's another double-sided towel with loop made from the sexist fabric.

Poor overworked woman.

Small towels.

The final collection. I like the double-sided towels the most. It's nice not having to look at the "wrong" side of an item, and the loops are cool. I'm pleased.

Mr. Biddles is pleased too.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Raising Cane

My latest endeavour. Learning how to cane.

Here is my learner's kit footstool. There are several steps involved and I only have one more to go - the binding - to hide the holes.

It was easier than I had expected, but it does get a little tricky on the diagonal.

Obligatory artsy fartsy off-center shot:

And here is a silly squirrel. What is he doing? Sunbathing? Warming his tummy? Meditating?

"Ohmmmm. Ohmmmm."


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tea, anyone?

Finished! Very easy and fun. The hardest part is getting out the wrinkles!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

This is fun

and easier than i had expected. I completed my first tea towel but forget to take pics before i gifted it. Here is my progress on the second tea towel. Please pardon the wrinkles.

It's from my Stitch-it Kit by the Sublime Stitcher Jenny Hart. The kit is great - came with a basic collection of everything you need to get going. I have purchased more floss in muted colors for this towel.

This is what it looks like after ironing from a transfer before stitching anything on it. Probably kinda hard to see here, but i purposely ironed them lightly so there's less chance of showing under the floss.

Mr. Biddles was relaxing after watching the birds intently for a while.

I like this shot - he was just noticing the dangly cord on my camera. He's kinda like "barooo?"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm moving to Japan

I just realized i did not list the first Japanese Mag i received. It's Stitch "Idees" Volume 5 (Cafe Sister Heartwarming Life Series). ISBN978-4-529-04418-9

Prepare yourself for some seriously cute craftivity. These are just a handful of the items in this mag.

I love these cute little panda purses.

This delicate pink purse makes me weak at the knees.

Sweet bibs.

Very decorative and detailed stitches on these bags.

Stitching patterns inserted in the middle. A LOT of them. They look very clear and cute.

Adorable bag. I love the detail. Little girl even has a shadow.

Little girl and bunny pillow.

Lovely stitching detail.

I LOVE these critters! I want to know what they are saying!


These miniature jewelry items really blow me away.

They even designed the jewelry pouch to be a larger picture of the small jewelry items. Egads! Does it get any more charming than this???!!

Sweet and lovely.

Darling stitched buttons and purse.

The bunny is cute, but check out the hairpiece on the piggy!


The pattern instructions look clear. In Japanese of course, so we'll see how it goes.

Can you stand it? Too cute! Baaa!

Happy little people with flowers.

Cute apron. I like the lack of depth perception.