Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm moving to Japan

I just realized i did not list the first Japanese Mag i received. It's Stitch "Idees" Volume 5 (Cafe Sister Heartwarming Life Series). ISBN978-4-529-04418-9

Prepare yourself for some seriously cute craftivity. These are just a handful of the items in this mag.

I love these cute little panda purses.

This delicate pink purse makes me weak at the knees.

Sweet bibs.

Very decorative and detailed stitches on these bags.

Stitching patterns inserted in the middle. A LOT of them. They look very clear and cute.

Adorable bag. I love the detail. Little girl even has a shadow.

Little girl and bunny pillow.

Lovely stitching detail.

I LOVE these critters! I want to know what they are saying!


These miniature jewelry items really blow me away.

They even designed the jewelry pouch to be a larger picture of the small jewelry items. Egads! Does it get any more charming than this???!!

Sweet and lovely.

Darling stitched buttons and purse.

The bunny is cute, but check out the hairpiece on the piggy!


The pattern instructions look clear. In Japanese of course, so we'll see how it goes.

Can you stand it? Too cute! Baaa!

Happy little people with flowers.

Cute apron. I like the lack of depth perception.


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  1. Stitch idees is one of my favourites, it never fails to inspire.
    Have fun with the magazine!