Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sewing and Social Studies Saturday

I have some "sack cloth"that I"m going to making into kitchen towels. Apparently, years ago, livestock feed bags came covered in cloth similar to this. How cool is that?! My grandmother made dresses for her daughters with sack cloth.

Ok, well, time to start sewing. Mr. Biddles is already helping by making sure the fabric doesn't get away.

Ummm, I need that please, Mr. B.

The first fabric has pretty flowers and leaves. There is some slight discoloration here and there - probably stains from being stored in wooden furniture.

This can either be a towel or a runner for a small piece of furniture. I fringed the two shorter edges.

Here is a towel with a little loop for hanging. I did this one double-sided. Mr. Biddles has to take a nap to recover from sheer sewing exhaustion.

Close-up of some serious feline napping action.

The second fabric is very cute too. I like the colors.

I like the house.

I like the windmill.

Then I noticed something. The girls are doing all the work! What's the guy doing....

...smoking a pipe and hanging out with the duck. Sheesh.

Here's another double-sided towel with loop made from the sexist fabric.

Poor overworked woman.

Small towels.

The final collection. I like the double-sided towels the most. It's nice not having to look at the "wrong" side of an item, and the loops are cool. I'm pleased.

Mr. Biddles is pleased too.


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  1. Such darling towels!

    Mr. Biddles cracks me up...
    He's got the sweetest feets! (no those black pawpads against his WHITE-WHITE foot-fur!