Saturday, May 12, 2007

I can't feel my left hand... it's a durn good thing i like how this turned out.

It's a hot water bottle cover, from the aforementioned "Romantic Home Sewing" by Christina Strutt. It's for me mum, of course, for Mother's Day. I have spent several hours today on this, at times feeling like i was going to lose my mind. I kept reminding myself "it's for mom" and through gritted teeth "it's handmade - with love! Aaargh!"

The ironing was the worst. There must be a better way than what is described in the book with the cut seams around curves. I dunno - maybe the hand-stitching was the worst. It's supposed to be a whipstitch but it looks more like whipstitch and blanket stitch spawned a love-child. Honestly, by then i just wanted to finish the project. I mean the sun was setting, for crying out loud. Mr. Biddles had long lost interest in playing with the thread.

This was much more difficult than the first project i did - the "bucket bag" from this book. That was a tiptoe through the tulips in comparison. I actually have more fabric on deck to make another 1 or 2 bucket bags. I can't say the same for the hot h20 bottle cover.

The lighting is off a bit on this fabric. It is actually a pale aqua green background - kinda vintage looking. The flowers are more coral, as well as the lining which is coral with white polka dots. I added the little heart for a personal touch.

I even considered not posting this project, since it didn't come out to perfection. That's not fair though. First, perfectionism is overrated. Second, imperfections add to a project's uniqueness, and Third, of course, the recipient will love it. Besides, one day it will be nice that i can take a look back and compare the development of my skills by looking at past projects.

I want to finish up at least one tea towel too that i have been embroidering with Sublime Stitching Jenny Hart's kit. I'm waiting for feeling to return to my left hand first, unless i can hold the hoop with my feet. I guess it's the least i can do for putting my mother through labor.

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