Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I feel faint

Oh, happy days, my Japanese craft mags arrived yesterday. I've yet to have some comfortable time where i can sit and absorb them. This morning i thumbed through them and took some shots to show you. The fabrics and ideas are cute, lovely, and inspiring, as you can see.

I bought them here and here. Both vendors have been excellent. Superbuzzy shipped so quickly that my head spinned. Pomadour is shipping from Japan, and i chose the cheaper, slower shipping; however, she was kind enough to tell me she's coming to the states so she brought it with her and shipped it when she arrived.

Sweetest placemat (or teamat, really):

Nice little crafty nook:

I'll look into this some more. something about a story quilt, and it sounds vaguely familiar:

Isn't this adorable:

Lovely little scarf:

This sweet little bag knocks my socks off:

I would drink more if i had coasters this cute:

The weight of creativity in these mags is overwhelming. When i have the time, i'm going to make a cup of tea, nestle in my blankie on my couch and have a good long look at them. So exciting!

Here are the ISBN's for those of you who may be interested:

Linen & Cotton Vol 2: ISBN4-529-04261-8

Cotton Time 3: 4910138230377 (that is the only number I could find on the magazine but I do not know for sure if that is the ISBN, sorry.)

Bag!Bag!Bag!: ISBN4-391-62071-5

Quilting Book (not sure of the title. It is the smallest book shown in my first shot, on lower right): ISBN4-8347-6442-7



  1. Ooh... I have some Japanese books but not these ones... Thay look fantastic! Could you post their ISBNs please? Thanks!

  2. Concha - thank you, yes i have now posted the ISBN's and i will email you as well.