Sunday, April 29, 2007

little things mean a lot

i tackled my crafting supply closet this morning. i want to start sewing again sometime soon and had to get things sorted out first. it felt so good rearranging everything, getting my crafting books off the floor!, and tossing a few things that i know i would never use.

my dusty sewing machine was looking rather gloomy. until i sew a dustcover for it, i need to cover it with something else.

in my plastic bag full of plastic bags, i found this bag and it fit perfectly. i was so thrilled about it. clearly, i need to get out more.

so that will do for now, and my closet looks much better.

my mother is coming over for a visit this afternoon. i suppose i've been watching too many jane austen period pieces because i have a hankering for some cucumber sandwiches. they are incredibly and surprisingly tasty.

mr. biddles? will you help me make some sandwiches?

hmph. didn't think so. okay then...

i got white sandwich bread, and some whole wheat too. all else you need is:
  • softened organic butter (a substitution like alouette cheese is also quite pleasing. i used that on the wheat bread.)
  • english (seedless) cucumber
  • kosher salt

the trick is to slice the cucumber as thinly as possible. i suppose a mandoline would have been perfect for this, but i don't have one so i used a short paring knife. put cuke slices on paper towels for a quick pat to take away some moisture. you don't want your sandwiches to get soggy. make sure you spread the butter completely covering the 'face' sides of both slices for the sandwich. sprinkle with salt. put on the cuke slices. i found one layer sufficient, but it depends on how thick they are, of course, and what your preference may be.

cut off the crusts. cut into triangles that should be no bigger than two bites.

use a cookie cutter if you want. i used a flower cookie cutter. here are two sandwiches.

aren't they cute!

serve with tea, of course.

also had a luscious dish of fruit and cheddar cheese (cheese at room temperature, please!) yum. yum.

heart-shaped strawberries. does life get any better?

we had pastry from a local bakery for dessert. sorry, that disappeared too quickly for a photo-op. ;)


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