Monday, April 9, 2007


Here is a very cool yarn store - "And the Beadz Go On" in the lovely village of Wickford, RI. i bought this beautiful yarn there.

It's made by Schaefer Yarns, "Danya" from their Color Concepts for kids line, color "Little Barney", 78% mohair with wool and nylon, is very soft indeed for a mohair fiber.

These muted colors remind me of clouds and bunnies and easter eggs.

I'm going to do a swatch (i confess i am a swatch-hater and trying to get over that) with my mondo Susan Bates size 50's. yes, that is "50", not "5.0". what can i say, i like the speedy gratification of a quick knit. i'm aiming towards making an airy wrap. we'll see what the swatch tells me.

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