Wednesday, April 4, 2007

a plethora of things

i've been remiss with my postings. so here i will ketchup:

  • first, if you love animals as i do, and enjoy hearing about people's lighthearted predicaments, i highly recommend this book which made me lol many times over. ("enslaved by ducks" by bob tarte)

  • i received my first issue of adorn magazine recently. i wasn't sure what to expect but let me say that i am quite impressed. it's a small magazine but packed chock full of wonderful ideas and crafts. you will notice that the advertisements are nearly non-existent (except for crafty resources) so i wager that pound-for-pound, this smaller mag has just as much if not more real info in it than your average home/art mag. (i'm not mentioning names)

  • here is a wonderful childrens book i've recently discovered. there is no text, which might throw off the average person at first, but after a good look i'm convinced that text would only have taken away from the beauty of the drawings, which are amazingly beautiful. (its "flotsam" by david wiesner.)

  • breakfast with mr. b:
my fav decaf tea is the chai made by "stash". de-lish with warm milk and a dollop o'honey (which is so much better than sugar, or, egads - that nasty artificial stuff). mymy, what a messy counter. here is the line-up:

and how are you this lovely morning, mr. b?

you've got something on your face, mr. b - oh, its your tongue. yummy breakfast, i take it. time for nappies soon!

  • petal people.
i love Klutz. i've had a lot of fun with their kits. i purchased this kit. it sat on my coffee table for a little while, until, one dark and stormy night.....

thanks for the tap, barbara-kay