Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a tad bit of rain

ok, so i guess we did indeed get a nor'easter, obvo.

i have to admit i love rainy days. i love windy days. i love rainy, windy days. however, even this much gray is getting to me. and it's not over yet. the good news is though, that the odds are we'll have a nice weekend. i guess the old saying "april showers bring may flowers" is not antiquated just yet, no matter how bad global warming is.

i was taking pictures of how gray it is out there. why? not sure. they didn't come out well anyways - too darn gray? so you have been spared!

here is a cute pic from a greeting card that hopefully puts a little light in your day.

no current projects on deck just yet. i'm craft blog-surfing and getting my creative juices flowing. it's always fun to see what other people are creating. it is one of the greatest personal benefits of the web, if you ask me.

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