Wednesday, April 4, 2007

lookie who made it on CO!

imagine my surprise and pure joy yesterday afternoon when, during one of my MANY daily visits on, i see pictures i had submitted of my wonderful mr. biddles. (sorry, you have to scroll down to yesterday's post (april 3) on their website.)

first we win jenla's cutest toesies contest, and now this?? oh biddles? mr. biddles!? how are you handling your sudden celebrity status? are the media crowding your personal lifestyle? are you letting it get to your head?!!

whew. it appears he is taking it all in stride. (he's so grounded.) you're the best, mr. b! mmmmtwchaa!


  1. CO even used my La-ism, schnozzle. Congrats Mr. Biddles!

  2. (I really wish she would have linked the both of us, tho...)

  3. oh, la (not sure what the best way is to respond to your post here)- she/CO posted these pics as a result of a direct email submission i sent to them in early february - before your contest- and without any mention of my own blog. where she got "schnozzle" from, i'm not sure - i guess we're all predisposed to the creation of silly words! :)

    i saw your response to biddles on CO. thanks! :D