Saturday, April 21, 2007

i knitted this but wanted to knit again an hour later

i've knitted a present for mr. biddles.

shhhhhh. don't tell him.

i like these books by shannon okey. they are put together quite nicely with very clear instructions and excellent how-to photos....

...and you know i had to get it since there are two patterns for cat toys. the "dim sum" contains the wonton and egg roll. i decided to make the egg roll. very simple pattern, quick gratification. me likey.

very nice reynolds yarn. the one-piece pattern is done. ready to stuff n' stitch...

i chopped up an old pair of socks to use as the stuffing. of course this would be an opportune time to put in some catnip, but mr. b doesn't care for it so we'll leave it out. {correction - he likes catnip, but only fresh off the plant.}

i found it helpful to pin the eggroll closed to hold in place while i backstitched it closed.

dinner is served! (presentation is everything.)

yoo hooo, mr. biddles?! look what i made for you cuz i loves you so much! i just knows you're going to love, love, love this new toy and play with it forever 'n ever! here you are mr. b, here is my present to you....

"what am i supposed to do with this?"


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