Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good day for knittin'

its amazing how quickly a project will complete when using large needles. i love the nearly-immediate gratification factor, thats for sure. it is a very pretty and airy scarf/wrap which will be perfect for the warmer weather, which is definitely coming despite the gloomy and cold recent weather. my nose knows. i'm sneezing more often already.

so now you know what i've been doing. what has mr. biddles been doing, you might wonder? well...

yup, rough life, mr. b.

not sure what to do next. i've still to try felting something, which for some reason i am a bit intimidated by the process. i'll probably try some embroidery - i've purchased jenny hart's 'sublime stitching' book and set which i am very interested in. mother's day is coming and i'd like to start something now and hopefully have it ready in time. (i'm not good at deadlines. i oddly rebel against them.)

now i will make some oatstraw tea (yum!) and settle in for a jane austen flick. persuasion? p & p? decisions, decisions.


  1. Your cat is adorable and that scarf looks like great fun to make and to wear.

  2. thank you kitty - you've got some cute cat & pup pics on your blog too!