Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Modesty forbids, well, almost.

A couple nights ago I was knitting in bed. Mr. Biddles was supervising. Unbelievably, my camera was within reach so here he is, in all his ridiculous cuteness. Looking at these pics now, I can't stop giggling.

What a goofball. Oh, Mr. B, I just loves you so much.

Sorry about the messy bed and my very white leg at this bad angle, but I was sure if I moved, that Mr. B would have moved too. He was so comfubuhls! I had to use the flash too, and I dislike the effect, but it was too dark otherwise.

Well, here is the end result of that night's knitfest. A simple dishcloth/washcloth, and a soap "sock". You can see the fresh, unwrapped bar in it. My favorite soaps are from Herbaria and Zum Bars. Wonderful, natural products.

Very pretty cotton yarn. I like how it feels and knits. Mr. Biddles likes how it feels too - in his mouth and between his clawsies.

Now that I am accustomed to DP needles, I am very fond of them.



  1. I love that cat!! Nice yarn and good pictures of your knitting

  2. my cat sleeps just like that too! mr. biddles, what a cute name :)