Monday, September 24, 2007

If you want to go bonkers....

Try house hunting.

I have not crafted a darn thing in ages cuz all my creative juices have been sucked dry. I have been looking into buying a home for over a year now off and on. I'm tired of renting. House shopping is exhausting.

I don't like that I have been neglecting the blog lately, and I apologize to anyone who is annoyed with me for not posting regularly. Sorry! I hope things change very soon.

So, no crafts presently, but I have been cruising Etsy. What a wonderful showcase of crafty stuff. It seemed that I could not resist purchasing some small "homes" there since I could not find them in reality:

This one kills me:

Does it get any cuter? No, but here's another. Superbuzzy is another great place to shop. Here is some adorable fabric I could not resist.

It feels like I'm trying to make a house materialize by buying all these miniature representations of them. Cross your fingers for me!!

I'd like to live here:

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