Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Waldorf School Christmas Bazaar

Every year I have meant to go to the Christmas Bazaar at the local Waldorf School but every year I missed it... Until this year! I am so glad I went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here is my bounty - not a great shot due to the light, sorry - I got a felted lamb made by the students, a music box, a wooden gnome from Germany, a wooden game from England, (can you tell I love wooden toys?), a felted flower for my car dashboard, and two adorable books by Elsa Beskow.

Here are some closer shots of Elsa's work. Though her books have been around for quite some time, I had never seen them before. I love their nature themes.

I also bought a recipe book featuring a collection of soup recipes from Waldorf Schools across the states. Here it is. You can see that Mr. Biddles approves of this book.

"I approve of this book."
He also approves of the wooden gnome.

"This gnome is satisfactory."

And it was love at first sight for Mr. B and the lammie.

"gimmie kiss"

Felted flower and perfect pawsie.

The usual suspects:


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWww. Kissin' the sheepy!

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