Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Way Cool Green

I made the switch to reusable grocery/shopping bags a while back. This movement has certainly gained popularity very quickly to the point where every major market seems to have their own version of them.

The bags I am happiest with are ones that do not have a store name on them, ones that are practical and can be good multi-taskers.

I am very pleased with the ones I bought from Lehmans. Extremely inexpensive and they have a feature I have not seen on any others: Hooks that grab onto the sides of the shopping cart and hold them open while you shop/pack! I find these are excellent especially when shopping at a chain where they give you the hand-held scanner. That way, as I go, I scan the product, drop into my bags, and there they stay until I get home.

Here are the ones from Lehmans. (go to "more views" and you can see them modeled in a shopping cart). Lehmans has a lot of other very cool things as well. I have had excellent luck dealing with that company.

What I couldn't find until recently were some good-sized produce bags. These are so cool. I just received them today. Check out the super-duper recycled packaging!! I AM SO IMPRESSED!

Inside the bags are wrapped in tissue for protection.

And here they are. Inexpensive, well-made, lightweight (1 oz.) and just plain neat. Perfect dimensions for fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. Nice drawstrings to keep stuff in. Look at the retro design! They are from, or from her etsy shop of the same name. A+!

And of course, Biddles gets to sit on the newspaper after. (bad lighting! sorry)

Oh Mr. Biddles you cutie-pie.

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  1. Yes, he is! A cutie-pie!
    I love the reusables, too!