Monday, November 1, 2010

Falling Leaves Scarf

One of my first projects for Christmas - a scarf for my mom. I saw this photo/pattern and just knew I had to try it. It's so beautiful!! It's from Judith Durant's Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders. Not only am I determined to make homemade gifts for the holiday, but also to be frugal while doing so. This pattern uses a yarn that is priced around $12 per skein, which would be costly if I were to use a scarf pattern that required 3 or 4. So, here will be a scarf made from beautiful fibers (mohair and silk) and is still affordable.

photo of the example in Judith Durant's book
 Hopefully mine will look like this one from the photo in the book, but in cornflower blue (Douceur et Soie is the yarn name). My mother is blond with blue eyes and this blue is close to her eye color. I think it will be very pretty on her.

 I've never worked lacey stuff before, and I'm finding it very frustrating working this yarn which is as light as air. I'm not a very graceful person, so working such fine yarn makes me feel like I've got big meaty hands and that I'm knitting with logs instead of needles. I switched from my lovely but long Brittany needles to my short DP's for easier maneuverability. The scarf is narrow enough to stay on the DP's fine.


Another project I'm working on is felting a couple of wool sweaters I bought on the cheap from Salvation Army and sewing at least one pair of gauntlets out of them. I think I will take the scrap leftover and toss together a blankie of some type for biddles because he just loves napping on my pile of felted sweaters!

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