Monday, December 6, 2010

Finished Fingerless Gloves

Here they are. One more Christmas gift complete! I think I've mentioned it before, but it is the "voodoo wrist warmer" from, and a very pleasant project.

I have had trouble in the past with having tight binding off. (I also tend to do a tight cast on, but doing the cable cast on seems to help with that.) I found the following method as a good alternative which leaves a very nice raised edge and is very elastic. It is also described as being a good bind off if you are going to be stitching at seams.

See the nice stitch this bind off makes.

To bind off:

K2tog through the back of the stitches. You will now have one stitch on the right needle. Slip it back onto the left needle and K2tog with the next stitch, into the back of the stitches as before. Continue this way until just one stitch remains, then break the yarn and thread the end through the loop and pull up firmly.

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