Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Singer 15-125 named Sally

You know those moments when you feel very fortunate, and are grateful for being so lucky? That is how I felt when I came across this beauty at a local thrift shop. I bought her for a song and gave her a good, well-deserved cleaning. I found interesting information online about this model, but what is really important is she is built like a tank from the glory days of US manufacturing and she sews beautifully.

My first project is a felted (fulled!) wool sweater fabric. I put in a new needle, worked out the tension on a piece of scrap, and set to it. 

The only tricky bit was getting used to the pedal (no pic sorry). It's one of those that has two buttons. You are supposed to rest your foot on the stationary button, and lean your foot to the left as much as you need to to get the speed you want. Part of my problem was I wasn't wearing shoes.

Very thick fabric. The machine blew through it LIKE. BUTTAH.

From the back. 

Pulling the work away after finished. The take lever needs to be up or your threads/bobbin will lock up.

A finished seam on the right before cutting threads. I know it's hard to see anything - that's the point. The fabric was that thick and Sally Singer was like, "this all you got?"

All done. Pose for the cam!

"What is it?", you say? 

It's a handy dandy pouch necklace thingie to keep crochet hooks and needles nearby while working on your project. I made this for a friend but I think I'll make one for myself because I am forever misplacing my DPN's during projects. (Get up, put needle behind ear, do whatever, get back to knitting, needle has fallen off from ear somewhere, begin cursing while searching house) Having a crochet hook handy for dropped stitches is nice too. And you KNOW you're going to drop a stitch. 

The neck cord is knitted i-cord in cotton. I hand sewed them on the inside before waking up Sally.

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