Wednesday, March 7, 2007

(offkey singing voice) "Reee-united, and it feeeeels so gooood....

i look outside from my back door today and saw this. this is chester (pronounced "chethhter") and i had not seen him for 8 months, folks. 8 months of thinking the worst. granted, he is not 'officially' my cat. he appears to be a stray, unneutered male, but we had become good friends for a short while last spring. after july the 4th, he disappeared. i feared the worst, that local fireworks sent him into a blind fright, running far from this area, crossing dangerous roads, etc. you know, the mind rambles.

but here he is. the first piece of good news i've had all week (omg, is it just wednesday???!). he looks really good. he's cautious, so we're not starting where we left off, but he had himself some kibble, and had a roll in his favorite catnip. he must have a support network around here because he looks well. he is a "seasonal" visitor, i now believe, on the prowl for mating season.

its so good to see you again, chester! we've missed you! see you tomorrow!

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