Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Confession and Current Prodge

I'm a yarn snob.

There. I've said it.

Some knitters say they are knitting snobs, some crocheters say they are crochet snobs, having personal preferences and seeing knitting as the best way to interlace yarn, or crocheting as the best way to interlace yarn. I don't have any prejudice there and I like both knit and crochet.

Me, I'm a yarn snob. I have a hard time buying average yarn, mass-produced yarn, the yarn that is sold at Walmart and Michaels and ACMoore, for example. I can't help it.

I go nutty for handspun yarn and hand-dyed yarn, local-made or made by an artisan or a community of artisans or a small company that sees to high quality and the beauty of natural fibers. Companies like Blue Sky or Malabrigo or Manos del Uruguay and the unnameable, numerous small companies that produce wonderful yarns from natural fibers.

I go to local yarn shops (LYS) - privately owned - the equivalent of mom and pop shops where you get the best service, knowledgeable and caring attendants, and top-notch products. The LYS's are where you find the best yarns. It is almost always more expensive as far as money goes, but the quality of whatever you are making and the luxury of handling such good yarn while you are making it pays off endlessly. Quality beats quantity. Plus, you know you are helping to support the crafting community all the while.

That being said, now I will get off my soapbox and show you my current project. I will use the term "prodge" for "project" from now on, because it is silly and makes me giggle.

This is my first excursion into the daisy/star stitch in crochet. I really like how it looks, although this is not the best type of yarn to see the design. This yarn was chosen by the recipient of this scarf. I, being a yarn snob, would be hard pressed to choose yarn like this. It has acrylic and poly in it. Metallic threads are often itchy although they look pretty. Ok, enough snobbery.

Pretty colors.

See the pattern of stars?

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