Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Soft n Fuzzie Cowl

Originally this had been a scarf. It is a skein of angora and a skein of ribbon. I now wish I had a before/after picture. I had made it for my mother before I started this blog. The scarf was made on large-ish needles and the ribbon would snag during every-day activities so I had her give it back to me so I could take a good look at it and see if it could be frogged.

You know how these natural fibers can felt/full naturally from friction sometimes so I wasn't sure if it would frog easily. It did - well, fairly easily- so here it is. I turned it into a cowl on smaller needles - (well, size 10's are small for me!). It turned into a beautiful, soft and squishy and stretch, incredibly warm cowl which can be also worn as a hat.

I did the binding off for the first time in a different way to maintain maximum stretch. The typical bind-off was not stretchy enough so I pulled it back and did a search in my books for an alternate bind-off. I found it in "Teach Yourself Knitting" which has been a very helpful book.

1. knit two together (k2tog) through the back of the stitches.
2. slip this stitch you just made back to the left needle.
3. repeat.
4. continue until one stitch remains, then cut your yarn and pull it through the last stitch to secure it just like you normally would for the universal bind-off.

At first I was like "huh?" and it seemed so weird, but after a few tries it made sense and it left my bind-off with equal elasticity as my cast-on, which made it a perfectly symmetrical cowl. Very pleased am I and my mother loves it!

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