Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patternless Crocheted Gauntlets

I just winged it with some lovely wool yarn on these gauntlets. I had made a scarf, then frogged it, then wondered if I could whip up gauntlets without a pattern. It took some doing, but for the most part were easy. I combined single and double crochet and sometimes crocheted into the back or the front of the stitches for some additional texture. I left the hand part loose and therefore the tips curl a bit. (They look uneven in the photos but these are symmetrical for the most part.) These can be folded back upon the wrists, or the "v" can be placed anywhere around the wrist. I'm very pleased! They're super warm and one of a kind.

I like being brainless while crafting. There are some wonderful patterns that I want to try, but there is something so therapeutic about just knitting/crocheting without counting or marking. I think this is why I enjoy making scarves so much since they are basically a big rectangle.

You can see Mr. Biddles finds crocheting very therapeutic as well.

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  1. OOOOOHhhhh!!! Mr. Biddles BELLY!!! I wants to nuzzle......