Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trying out the new updates

 I'm liking these new updates on the ol' blogspot. They've certainly made some nice improvements. I always was frustrated that the photos were relatively small (and i could not figure out how to alter via html!)

 A while back I ordered a "miniature tiny mustache pick" from the loveliness who is called "The Small Object". (Here is a listing on her Etsy shoppe.)

What you do is hold it up to faces when you take their photo, and due to a trick of the eyes, it "looks" like they're wearing a mustache.

Well, upon receiving, I of course had to try it out on Mr. Biddles. Apologies once again for the fuzzy photos, but my camera sucks and the one that I really want costs a bazillion dollars.

Handsome fella.Poirot-puss?

I'm really making an effort this year to craft presents for the holidays. Some people you just have to buy conventional things for, but if I can make something for someone, then that's what I'll do.

So I've got some projects lined up. There are so many awesome ideas out there on blogs and in craft books that it boggles the mind, but I think I've narrowed down a few prospects and I will try to post photos soon.

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