Monday, December 12, 2011

Mom's Christmas Gift

I finished the cable scarf a couple weeks ago, but it got set aside for some well-needed blocking. I've actually never had to block anything before, so I was dragging my feet. I had to buy some stainless steel pins first, too. Well a couple days ago I soaked the scarf gently in warm water, rolled it up several times in a towel, and then pinned it out onto a mattress. I would not go through all this extra stuff if I didn't need to ("finishing" items is not my favorite part), but the cabling had scrunched the scarf up so much into itself, that the beauty of the cables were hidden. I wish I took a photo to show you the "before", but I forgot.

Anyways, I unpinned it this morning and it looks really good. Here is the "after":

The blocking made a world of a difference. It has a professional look now, and a beautiful drape. I have grown very fond of cables, and look forward to more cabled projects. Indeed, it is not as complicated as I had imagined it would be.

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  1. Hi Jen
    What a gorgeous scarf! I love cables but blocking not so much :-)It really does make a huge difference though. I just finished a cabled infinity scarf and was debating whether or not I could get away WITHOUT blocking it, but now that I see your scarf, I'll put in the extra effort!
    Just found your lovely blog this morning. Looking forward to stopping by again. Mr.Biddles is adorable (loved the story of how he found you) ♥