Sunday, February 24, 2008

Play by Play Sunday Sachet

Okay I need to make a toy for my friend's cat. This is a cool book - good especially for people like me who like projects that won't take a ton of time or a ton of yarn.

Mr. Biddles would you like to help me knit?



"i think not."

Okay. Well, it's a pattern for adorable sachets but I'll stuff it with polyfill and voila it will be for kitty.

DPN's can be a bit tricky, especially at the beginning. Imagine wrestling with a little porcupine. Anyhoo, off we go -

You can see one of the eyelets on this one.

Getting there....

Looking at these pics, it's funny how noticeable the change is in the lighting, lol. I began in the morning and now it is late afternoon.

Here it is finished, just awaiting the fill and ribbon. Isn't it silly?

and done! I tried the ribbon first, but since it is a cat toy, I thought it best to give it something with more strength and no loose ends that kitty might untangle or eat.

Cute, fun, and easy to make!

The sachets in the book have more of an oblong shape, being made with a different type of yarn, and being filled with a teabag of lavender. I can imagine these would make great gifts.

"when's dinner? sigh."


  1. Your knitting projects are so cute! And Mr. Biddles looks just like my cat, but she has green eyes and a tiny white freckle on her face instead. Enjoy reading your blog too.

  2. Thank you, Sadie! I'm very pleased you like my blog.

    Mr. Biddles says you must have a very beautiful cat. ;)