Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Claire's Cowl - Crochet Version - Sassenach Outlander

UPDATE: Just a quick note that I finished working up my version of Claire's Cowl in crochet. This is intended to resemble, as closely as possible, her chunky knit cowl which is in garter stitch. 

It is very squishy and floppy like the knit version. I spent a lot of time these past few days experimenting with different crochet stitches and construction, and I learned a lot. I am very pleased with the results!

I will write up the pattern and provide better pics (daylight helps) in the next day or two. Will also post on Ravelry.



  1. I have been searching for a crochet pattern for this cowl, it looks so wonderful and snuggly for winter. Can't wait to see your pattern!! :)

  2. When watching the show with my hubby, who also enjoys the show very much, I said to him "oh, I hope someone on revelry makes a pattern for the cowls & shawls/capletts? Claire wears." This is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your design with others. I've added it to my library on revelry & plan to start on it soon & will post photos. BTW, do you have any plans to create patterns for the other cowls (I've noticed at least 2 & possibly 3 different ones she wears along with 1 shawl & the other woman...I can't think of her name...the one so intent on knowing Claire's business, she was wearing a shawl that I thought quite lovely. Anyway, I'm rambling. Please forgive me. I'll be checking your ravelry profile as well as this blog to see if you've shared any other patterns related to the show. Again, beautiful work & thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  3. hi again michelle! i'm so glad you found my designs, and i hope you have fun with them. i dont know what i'll be trying to make beyond the crocheted version of the shrug i'm working on now, but when i do, i will post on my blog and on ravelry. i'll mention there is a great group on facebook that i belong to, dedicated to outlander patterns, the making of and inspired by. lots of good ideas on there. you might want to ask to join - its' "outlander pattern central" :) hope to see you there!