Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mrs. Fitz Mini Mitts Free Pattern - Outlander Inspired

These mitts are based on Mrs. Fitz's mitts from Starz Outlander, but just much shorter and looking a bit more modern with these colors. I was using up scrap yarn and the mismatching was intentional and very much a look that i enjoy. 

Hope you have lots of fun using odd bits of scrap yarn or whatever you like to make these. 

YARN: Malabrigo Mecha (Bulky)

YARDAGE: About 91 - 100 yards. My mitts weigh in at 70 grams, which, for this yarn, means I used 91 yards.

Needles: US 9 / 5mm

Gauge: 13 st = 4 inches, 19 rows = 4 inches

Size: I'm a medium/average, I'd reckon, and these fit perfectly. 

This pattern is how I made mine. Depending on your preferences and size, you can alter it easily. Experiment and have fun!

Knitted flat and then seamed. You make your thumbhole by not seaming that section.


Cast on 22 stitches
Knit "stockinette" (knit on RS, purl on WS) for 6 inches, changing yarns as often as you please.
At 6 inches, start "garter stitches" which means you just knit every row for 1 1/2 inches.
Bind off, preferably with a stretchy type of bindoff, like Jeny's Superstretchy Bind off - here's a great video tutorial if you are interested.

Time to seam:  You probably want to weave in any ends at this point before you start seaming. I seamed with the mattress stitch, and here's a great video on that if you'd like to try it.

While seaming, keep trying it on. I cannot tell you exactly where to leave a thumbhole, or how big the thumbhole should be. (My thumbhole is about 2 inches long - you want to make sure you make it long enough so your thumb can move comfortably.)Seam up to that point, leave it unseamed where your thumb will be, then start a new seam for the hand. Weave in your ends.

Put them on and get a mug of hot cocoa!

Any questions just ask.

Pattern is on Ravelry as well.


  1. Thanks for posting this pattern! I just made them and I love them so much. This was my first 'real' knitting project from a pattern. Here are a few pics on my blog: http://thepathlessraveled.blogspot.com/2014/10/fingerless-gloves.html

  2. I love your Mrs Fitz mitts - these and the other versions. I'm going to have a go at both the knitted and crochet versions. They look super! Love the name too! thank you so much for sharing your patterns. Elizabeth x

    1. thank you for your kind note! i hope you have lots of fun with them. :)